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Help needed for 2014 Conclave!
Tuesday, 23 April 2013 19:50



The food service chairman must work closely with his adviser to insure that the following duties are completed:

· Stewards (Front of the House). Commissary staff members and manage the front end of the dining hall and ensure everything is set up and ready to go before meals and cleaned up after meals and events. They must serve as dishwashers, waiters, & service line personnel.

· Cooks (Back of the House). Help prepare, cook, and serve all meals. They must work directly with the Special Events chairman to coordinate the special food events.



The Facilities/Logistics team must insure that the following duties are completed:

· Campsite Selection. Insure that they are adequately prepared based on delegation size and distance traveled.

· Logistics. To provide supplies (i.e. water coolers), materials, and equipment for each program area as directed by the Section COC prior to conclave.

· Venues. To work closely with the Conclave Vice Chief’s to select and prepare adequate venues for their activities (i.e. quest events, training sessions, ceremony competition, et cetera.), and plan to have these areas cleaned-up and put away at the conclusion of the conclave.

· Sanitation. To ensure that all areas of camp, campsites, program areas, and assembly areas, are kept clean and free from trash. To strategically place trashcans in key areas to prevent litter and to replace trash bags as needed. To ensure that all restroom facilities are maintained and cleaned at least twice a day.

· Parking. The chairman must organize a parking system to insure at least 150 vehicles can stored for the weekend. Participants will be directed where to park by a friendly and polite parking staff. The parking staff must be equipped with proper safety equipment.


The Hospitality/Registration team must insure that the following duties are completed:

· Signs & Banners. They must direct the construction of large wooden flaps, patches, and decorative memorabilia that will be displayed in the camp during the Conclave.

· Welcome Packets. Supervise the creation of “goody bags” to give to all delegates of conclave, including the program guide.

· Program Guides. Create a booklet as a program guide for the conclave. This brochure will have a map, pictures, information, participation requirements, rules, and advertisements.

· Lodge Commissioners. Manage a group of "lodge commissioners" from check-in to check-out. Each lodge commissioner will be given one lodge and will assist in various aspects throughout the conclave. At certain times (in example: meals,group assemblies, shows) the Lodge Chief or Adviser will have an opportunity to voice any concern or request to their specific lodge commissioner.

· Morning Deliveries. To see that newspapers and coffee are delivered to each lodge's campsites on Saturday and Sunday Morning.

· Registration. An effective system is established for checking delegates and service lodge members in and out of camp; utilizing lodge commissioners to help the process work efficiently. He must receive and account for all accounts receivable. Ensure that the welcome packets are properly distributed.

· Publications. Work directly with the Section Secretary to establish a publications office to assist with the publication of conclave newsletters and other printed material.


The Merchandising/Finance team must ensure that the following duties are completed:

· Vendor Selection. Identify vendors of suitable quality to produce conclave memorabilia as directed by the Section COC, and identify possible Section trading post items for selection by the Section COC in September.

· Acquisition and Distribution of Items. Once Lodges have identified the quantity of items that they wish to purchase, this team will order these items accordingly and distribute pre-ordered items to the lodges.

· Trading Post. Implement a concession stand at conclave, determine what kinds of food to sell, acquire the food, then prepare and sell it at conclave. They must work directly with the Facilities chairman to prepare a

· Venue for the concessions. The chairman must establish a “Trading Post” from which non-conclave items can be sold to lodge members and delegates.


The Shows team must work closely with his adviser to insure that the following duties are completed:

· Production. This team is responsible for producing two (2) conclave shows, Friday and Saturday night. They must recruit a staff to help develop scripts, actors, and prepare for the production of the shows, schedule rehearsals and work directly with the facilities chairman to ensure that the staging areas for the shows are adequately prepared.

· Resources. Build props, costumes, and scenery. Acquire A/V equipment, communication equipment, power point programs, screens, and anything else requested by the committee.

· Founders Festival. He must also obtain a needs list (power, tables, chairs, etc) and ensure everything is there on time.

· Vigil Ceremony (Re-dedication). Must work directly with the lodge vigil ceremony committee to coordinate a vigil rededication and reception. All Vigil Honor members in attendance at the conclave will be invited to attend.

· Chapel Service. Coordinate a non-denominational Chapel service for Sunday morning

· Flag Ceremonies. Coordinate a team to raise and lower the flags throughout the weekend.


The Work Projects team will ensure the following:

· Service Project Identification. To identify all projects, long and short term, that must be completed in order to host a safe and fun conclave. These projects must be prioritized in relation to holding our conclave and must be submitted to the conclave committee.

· Work Days. Select, plan, and facilitate lodge workdays to complete the identified projects. All workdays must be on the lodge and council calendar by May 2013. Each work day must be planned with particular projects and objectives. Work crews must be organized and all workers will need to have tools, supplies, and materials on-site ready for use.

· Communication. To ensure the lodge workdays are well publicized and communicated to the lodge and council. Dates, needed materials, and projects need to be in the council and lodge newsletters and websites to promote maximum attendance.

· Materials. To locate and secure all needed equipment, machinery, tools, supplies, and materials in order to complete the identified work projects.


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