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Year Name A/Y Vigil Date Indian Name English Translation

Matthew Daniel Gent

Youth 1/15/2016
Chitkuwi Nagatame Alukakàn
Quiet Reliable Servant

Ethan Thomas Holder

Youth 1/15/2016
Segachtek Achowalogen
Dedicated Hard Worker

James Allen McBroom

Adult 1/15/2016
Wewoatamowi Ehahpikwes Achimwis
Wise Musician Who Tells Stories

Peyton Peralto

Youth 1/17/2015
Hitawenakwsi Ehahpikwes
Skillful Musician
2014 Alex Robison Youth 1/17/2015
Lepweinu Siakw
Smart Twig
2014 Roger Harper Adult 1/17/2015
2014 Thomas Henry Morgan, Jr. Adult 1/17/2015
Lepweokan ink ne Shinkek
Wisdom from the Woods
2013 Zach McCoy Youth 12/06/2013
Nuwingi Glistam
Willing Learner
2013 Keyes McDonald Youth 12/06/2013
Wulantowagan Kichkinet/span>
Spirited Guide
2013 Joe Gibson Adult 12/06/2013
Wingolauchsik Sachgachtoon
Cheerful Cook
2012 Tyler Cagle Youth 11/17/12
Lennotit Amangi Wdee
Little Man With Big Heart
2012 Jacob Ansley Youth 11/17/12
Amangi Sehe Wsit
Big One With Quiet Feet
2012 Chris Driskill Adult 11/17/12
Segachtek Allogagan
Dedicated Servant
2011 Joshua A. Brownlee Youth 11/28/11
Wulatenamuwi Gischiton Mawewigawan
Happy To Prepare The Gathering
2011 Chay W. Oswalt Youth 11/28/11
Achewon Elachtoniket Weuchsowagan
Strong One That Seeks Knowledge
2011 Charles D. Oswalt Adult 11/28/11
Winginameni Alloge'wagan
One Who Delights In Service
2010 Larry Joe Brownlee Youth 09/01/10
Witschingen Wuskelenapeyok
One Who Helps Young People Along
2010 Jonathan D. Weathers Youth 09/01/10
Wuskelenape Mihillusis
Young Old Man
2010 Larry Brownlee Adult 09/01/10
WSehe Mejauchsu Pennauweleman
Quiet One Who Considers Others
2009 Mike Hughes Adult 12/5/09
Wewoatamowi Pixu Peechgaugatase
Wise Man with Ragged Knee
2009 Jordan Moore Youth 12/5/09
Gischeleman Gachpees Eheschapamuks
Creative Twin with Glasses
2009 Ben Chambers Youth


Schachachgapewit Wingi Wiwaschin
True One Who Gladly Carries A Load
2008 Adam J. Tunnell Adult


Nuwingi Achgeketum Mbi Mawat Willing Teacher From the Water
2008 Timothy Peacock Youth 12/07/08 Glakelendam Sakima Nihillasohen Excited Chief Who Delivers
2008 Scott Hughes Youth 12/07/08 Lilchpin Klamachpin Diligent Quiet One
2007 Kevin Andrew Warren Youth 12/2/2007 Nuwingi Pegui Alloquepi Willing One Who Wears A hat
2006 Justin W. Miller Youth 12/2/2006 Genteen Pohonasin Gilkissin Dancing Drum Beater Who Laughs
2006 Timothy J. Read Youth 12/2/2006 Tangitehewi Achowalogen Humble Hard Worker
2006 Ned Young Adult 12/2/2006 Tgauchsin Wapantpeu Lenno Good Natured Gray Headed One
2005 Frances Wells Adult 12/3/2005 Nagatamen Achowalogen Guka Reliable Hard Working Momma
2005 Thomas Sowers Youth 12/3/2005 Gentgeen Witschi Manitto Dances with God
2004 Larry Crenshaw Adult 10/9/2004 Kikey Lippoe Gegepchoat One Who Is Experienced And Wise
2004 John B. Guyton Youth 10/9/2004 Achewon Welsittank Spiritually Strong Believer
2004 Chris Hodnett Youth 10/9/2004 Macheu Gentgeen Great Dancer
2004 Ryan Weston Youth 10/9/2004 Awullsu Gilkissin Pretty One Who Laughs
2003 Kyle Wrather Youth 12/6/2003 Tschitanessoagan One Who Has Authority
2003 Mitch Hood Youth 12/6/2003 Witawematpanni One Who Aids
2003 Jeff Miller Adult 12/6/2003 Clamhattenmoagan Steady One
2003 Richard Sowers Adult 12/6/2003 Wulihan He Who Does Good For Others
2002 Paul Judon Youth 12/7/2002 Ngemewi Klamhattenamin Always of Calm Mind
2002 Michael Williams Youth 12/7/2002 Mawat Auwen Tschitqui One Who Is Quiet
2002 Dan Wrather Adult 12/7/2002 Lenno Witschi Majewelendam Man With A Plan
2001 Dan Arnold Youth 12/1/2001 Wunita Achipiquon One Who Is Skilled In Music
2001 Elbert Spruill Youth 12/1/2001 Chesimus Nutiket Younger Brother Who Watches Over
2001 David Willers Youth 12/1/2001 Wuskiochqueu Sakima Najundam Young Leader Who Carries A Load
2001 Thomas Wilson Adult 12/1/2001 Woatawes Amemens Flower Child
2000 Charles Wesley Youth 12/3/2000 Ksinelendam Carefree One
2000 Joshua Wesley Youth 12/3/2000 Nagatamen One Who Can Be Trusted
2000 Maggie Wesley Adult 12/3/2000 Gischitehen Determined One
1999 William W.(Bill)Wesley Adult 10/7/1999 Ganschelalogen One Who Does Great Wonders
1999 Larry Barnes Youth 10/7/1999 Ahni Chishko Aiena Yukpa Naksi Willing Worker With Quiet Smile
1998 Sam Oswalt Youth 11/3/1998 Razwilne Young One
1998 Jeff Spangler Youth 11/3/1998 Loseene The True One
1998 Mark Guyton Adult 11/3/1998 Apushimataha No More In The Bag
1997 Chris Broome Youth 12/9/1997 Chesimus Takachsin Young Brother Who Leads
1997 Kevin Mitchell Youth 12/9/1997 Nosogamen Sakima Chief Who Follows
1997 Dennis Garner Adult 12/9/1997 Mawat Achgeketum One Who Teaches
1996 Nathan Lay Youth 12/3/1996 Takachsin Najundam Leader Who Carries Load
1996 Young Kerby Adult 12/3/1996 Naschu Allum Two Dog
1995 Scott West Youth 9/25/1995 Allapiseyjuwagan Quiet One
1995 Charlie Plasters Youth 9/25/1995 Nuwing Willing One
1995 Charles Guyton Adult 9/25/1995 Macheu Giskhaquen Great Woodcutter
1994 Edward L. Kuykendall Adult 9/29/1994 Kikey Aged One
1994 Tommy N. McReynolds Youth 9/29/1994 Gischeleman Creates, One Who Creates With Mind
1994 James C. Ball III Youth 9/29/1994 Gentgeen Dancer
1994 Ralph W. Byars Adult 9/29/1994 Wiaxowagan Plenty, One Who Has Plenty
1993 Bill Oswalt Youth 9/28/1993 Acheowalogen Hard Worker
1993 Donald Ellis Adult 9/28/1993 Machque Gischihan Bear Who Creates With His Hands
1993 Charles L. Gaskin Adult 9/28/1993 Klamachpin Sachgachtoon Quiet Cook
1993 Sam Gaves Youth 9/28/1993 Klamhattenamin One of Calm Mind
1992 James Patrick Sedberry Adult 6/29/1992 Achowalogen Amangi Wadee Hard Worker With A Big Heart
1992 Robert Skelton Youth 6/29/1992 Glakelendam Tschitaessoagan Excited One Who Has Authority
1992 Kelly Smith Adult 6/29/1992 Gilkissin Laughing One
1992 Matthew Alexander Youth 6/29/1992 Witscheman Lachaowdeman Helpful One Who Is Concerned
1991 Christopher Smith Youth 12/14/1991 Ksinelendam Carefree One
1991 James H. Spinks Adult 12/14/1991 Wikhetschik Builder
1991 William E. Forster Youth 12/14/1991 Kigis Manac Grass Cutter
1990 Donald R. Rushing Adult 12/8/1990 Papesu Patient One
1990 Gregory Davis Scott Youth 12/8/1990 Mbi Mawat Water One
1990 Tyler James Craddock Youth 12/8/1990 Almangi Mizin Big Eater
1987 Jimmy Ball Adult 1/1/1987 Wischixin The Dancing Trader
1987 John Helms Youth 1/1/1987 Achgeketom Wuntschi Chesimus Hard Worker, One Who Does Good Work
1985 Robert Smith Adult 5/1/1985 Pakantschiechen Accomplished Cook
1985 Brian Barnes Youth 5/1/1985 Glakelendam Excited One
1984 Van Williams Adult 3/1/1984 Nageuchsowagan Klamhattenamin Trustworthy One Who Is Calm Minded
1984 Robert "Rip" Smith Youth 3/1/1984 Nageuchsowagan Klamhattenamin Trustworthy One Who Is Calm Minded
1982 Robert N. Smith Youth 11/1/1982 Najundam One Who Carries A Load
1978 Paul D. Thompson Adult 9/9/1978 Wihongen One Who Sacrifices
1978 Mark Bruce Herrington Youth 9/9/1978 Gischileu He Who Has Proven True
1973 Edward L. Kuykendall Youth 8/15/1973 Gentgeen Najundam Dancer Who Carries A Load
1973 David Chistian
8/15/1973 Achowalogen Witawematpanni Worker Who Aids
1970 Gregg P. Triplett Youth 10/3/1970 Achgiguwen Lively One
1970 Roger E. Orman Youth 10/3/1970 Glakelendam Excited One
1968 G. Cavett Taff Youth 8/9/1968 Sakima Machkeu Woakus Chief Red Fox
1968 Michael W. Triplett Youth 8/9/1968 Sakima Wisaweu Woaphokquawon Chief Yellow Hair
1968 Phillip Jones
8/10/1968 Sakima Woapalanne Chief Eagle
1968 Robert W. Landers Youth 8/10/1968 Sakima Wapsu Aweiihelleu Chief White Heron
1968 William Hurt, Jr. Youth 8/9/1968 Netopalis Warrior Standing Straight
1968 Arthur M. Jones
8/9/1968 Sakima Machkeu Alluns Chief Red Arrow
1963 Andy Rhoades Youth 3/30/1963 Sakima Sakima Chief of Chiefs
1963 Jerry Gibson
3/30/1963 Achowalogen Sakima Hard Working Chief
1961 Charles Newell Youth 4/26/1961 Tatchen Tulpe Little Turtle
1961 Albert E. Cappe Adult 4/26/1961 Milit Nallahiwi He Who Gives Up The River
1960 Corwin M. Johnson Adult 4/23/1960 Chief Little Brother
1959 William Cy Thompson
4/10/1959 Chesimus Little Brother
1959 Sgt. George Moyer
4/10/1959 Choctaws Elangomat Choctaw's Friend
1954 Terry Leigh Thomas Adult 3/19/1954 Sakima Wapsu Mbi Chief White Water
1954 D. Ted Childress Adult 3/19/1954 Sakima Gentgeen Ulhti Chief Dancing Fire
Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. It calls for an individual with an unusual awareness of the possibilities within each situation.

The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Watonala Lodge of the Pushmataha Area Council can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council, and Scouting. Membership cannot be won by a person's conscious endeavors.

The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position of office to one or more of the following:

  • Watonala Lodge

  • Order of the Arrow at the Section, Region or National level

  • Pushmataha Area Council and the communities it serves

  • Our beloved Camp Seminole

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