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Sunday, 18 October 2009 17:53

Watonala Lodge is working on compiling a list of all our officers and advisers from the start of our lodge to the present. If you can help fill in the blanks, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Chief VC Sec Treas Lodge Adviser Staff Adviser
2016 Peyton Peralto Ethan Holder/ Warren Smith Jason Roberson/ Ethan Holder
Kodie Hoover Brice Stubbs
Micah Huffman
2015 Joshua Brownlee Alex Robison Zach McCoy
Matthew Gent
Brice Stubbs
Micah Huffman
2014 Joshua Brownlee Peyton Peralto Zach McCoy
Matthew Gent
Brice Stubbs
Micah Huffman
2013 Joshua Brownlee Chay Oswalt Tyler Cagle
Peyton Peralto
Brice Stubbs
Micah Huffman
2012 Larry Joe Brownlee Joshua Brownlee Peyton Peralto
Zach McCoy
Brice Stubbs
Jeremy Whitmore
2011 Larry Joe Brownlee Joshua Brownlee Austin York
Zach McCoy
Brice Stubbs

2010 Ben Chambers
Larry Joe Brownlee Jordan Moore Will Stafford
Adam Tunnell/ Brice Stubbs
2009 Ben Chambers Larry Joe Brownlee Jordan Moore Thomas McBroom Adam Tunnell
2009 Dallas O'Bryant Ben Chambers Jordan Moore Thomas McBroom Adam Tunnell Young Kerby
2008 Justin Miller Timothy Peacock
Thomas McBroom Scott Hughes
Adam Tunnell
Young Kerby
2007 Johnson Knox Jim Giesmann
Will Wills
Nathan Ford
Charlie Plasters
Young Kerby
2006 Tim Read Johnny Wells
Charlie Plasters
Young Kerby
2005 Young Kerby
2004 Young Kerby
2003 Young Kerby
2002 Joshua Wesley P. D. Lee
2001 Charles J. Wesley Joshua Wesley P. D. Lee
2000 David Willers Charles J. Wesley P. D. Lee
1998 Nathan Lay
1997 Nathan Lay
1996 Charlie Plasters
1995 Sam Graves
1994 Chris Harper
1993 Matt Alexander
1992 Robert Skelton Matt Alexander, Admin Greg Scott Jim Spinks Jim Bell
Chad Cox, Program
1991 Tyler Craddock Robert Skelton Matt Alexander Matt Alexander Jim Spinks Jim Bell
1990 John Eckford David Ivey Billy Moody Billy Moody Jim Spinks Jim Bell
1989 Todd Shackleford Donald Capp Billy Moody Billy Moody Robert Smith Jim Bell
1988 Jim Hinds Todd Shackleford Robert Smith Jim Bell
1987 Gary Capps Jim Hinds Robert Smith
1986 Eddie Gore Gary Capp Robert Smith
1985 John Helms Tim Beatty Gary Capps Marshall Wilkinson Van Williams
1984 Mark Stevens Rip Smith/Gary Smith Lee Thomas Tim Beatty Van Williams Ames Hogan
1983 Rip Smith Steve Huckaby VC1 Lee Thomas Marty Hatton Van Williams Ames Hogan
Chris Parker, VC2
1982 Andy Davis/Mark Stevens Andy Freeman, VC1 Gary Smith Eddie King Donald Ellis/Van Williams Ames Hogan
Rip Smith, VC2
1981 Brett L. Barnes/Andy Davis Rip Smith Andy Watson Erich Frese Donald Ellis Ames Hogan
1980 John E. "Bubba" Adcox/Scott Yarbrough Rip Smith Donald Ellis Ames Hogan
1979 John E. "Bubba" Adcox Scott Yarbrough Pat Huey Jack Slay Mike Triplett/Donald Ellis Ames Hogan
1978 Bruce Herrington/John E. "Bubba" Adcox Pat Huey Scott Yarbrough Mike Triplett
1977 Bruce Harrington/Charles Mandly Pat Huey Don Rushing
1976 Charles Mandly Bruce Harrington Phil Agden Chip Tabor Don Rushing
1975 Charles Mandly David Ranney Murray Cross Bruce Harrington Don Rushing Sid Styles
1974 Derrick Hitt/Kurt Kuykendall Charles Mandly David Ranney Steve Savell Ed Kuykendall Harry Bynum
1973 Lance Kuykendall Ed Kuykendall Harry Bynum
1973 Kurt Kuykendall Harry Bynum
1972 Harry Bynum Harry Bynum
1971 Roger Orman Harry Bynum Harry Bynum
1969 Harley Mac Little
1967 Arthur Jones Cavett Taff Mike Triplett
1966 Jimmy Woods Cavett Taff Mike Triplett
1966 Cavett Taff
1965 Cavett Taff/Jimmy Dobbs/Jimmy Woods
1964 Jack Newell Leland Norman Andy Rhodes
Aaron Langton
1962 Gene L. Fair
1961 Roger Orman
Thomas Sutherland Albert Cappe
1960 Robert Lueke
Albert Cappe
1959 Maurice Allen Albert Cappe
1958 Al McClanahan Albert Cappe
1957 Albert Cappe
1956 Albert Cappe
1955 Peter King Rich Bryan, Jr. Rich Bryan, Jr. Albert Cappe
1954 Albert Cappe
1951 P.G. Burdine
1950 P.G. Burdine
1949 P.G. Burdine
1948 P.G. Burdine
1947 P.G. Burdine
1946 P.G. Burdine
1945 P.G. Burdine
1944 P.G. Burdine
1943 P.G. Burdine
1942 P.G. Burdine
1941 Joe Wroten P.G. Burdine
1940 L.S. Wright James Langston P.G. Burdine
1939 Ernest Langston (charter) P.G. Burdine
1938 P.G. Burdine
1937 P.G. Burdine
1936 P.G. Burdine
1935 P.G. Burdine
1934 P.G. Burdine
1933 P.G. Burdine
1932 P.G. Burdine
1931 P.G. Burdine
1930 P.G. Burdine
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