2013 Spring Newsletter
Monday, 06 May 2013 18:58
Watonala's Spring 2013 Newsletter

It is hard to believe that this year is going by so fast! How­ever, our work has only just begun. We must continue through the rest of the year carrying on the exemplary name that Watonala has made for itself, whether it is right here in the Pushmataha Area Council or across the nation.
For those who did not at­tend Conclave last weekend, the theme was “And By Inspiration, Lead them”. As a lodge, we are leading by Inspiration. The ques­tion we need to continually ask ourselves is, “Are we continuing to leading by inspiration in a way which represents who we are - a brotherhood of cheerful service?” I believe that the an­swer to that question is “Yes”, but we must not stop now.
There are still four lodge events left in the year - Post Camp, Pre Camp, Fall Fellowship and Winter Fellowship I hope to see you all there for all the fun games and good food. 
Next year we are hosting conclave right here at our very own Camp Seminole. There will be work days so that we can get our camp ready for the 400 people that will be at our camp next year. The lodge is working on the shower house to make it better for us down the road so show some support and come and help every Saturday. If you like to help plan for conclave next year we have a conclave committees and I need some youth chairmen for each committee. If you would like to be a chairman or would like to know what the committees are you can email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Also, I put a task on all of the arrowmen in the lodge to bring at least two canned goods to each lodge event so we can help out the people around us that are struggling to get food.  So, I ask everyone in the lodge to help others because in the scout law we say we are helpful so let put that point the scout law to use in the lodge.
I hope to see you all that the next lodge event for the good food, the fun, and most of all the cheerful service.
Your chief,
Joshua Brownlee

Watonala Lodge is having a Biggest Loser Competition!

The only competition where losers are winners!  In an effort to promote health and wellness amongst lodge members we are having a "Biggest Loser" competition.

The competition is open to both youth and adults.

A light line of food will be offered at Lodge events during the competition.

Here are the Rules:
Ready, Set, GO!!!!!
Crossing the Finish Line Victorious at Conclave

By Tyler Cagle, Lodge Secretary

The Watonala Lodge had one of the best turnouts in recent history for this year’s Conclave, and members brought their most competitive spirit with them to Camp Ti’ak in Wiggins. 
Watonala entered every competition during the weekend. Members emerged victorious, placing in the top three in ten separate categories.
Our Lodge captured first place in three competitions – Kickball, Totem Pole Carving, and for baking the tastiest dutch-oven dish in the Cobbler Cook-off. We also earned six second place finishes, which included Founder’s Festival, Horseshoes, OA Jeopardy, Toilet Bowl Chip, Tug-O-War, and Website. A third place finish in the Overall Quest Games rounded out our victories.
Watonala leaders were proud of all members in attendance as we were honored with the prestigious Morgan Weed Best Trained Lodge Award for the second consecutive year.
Watonala Lodge looks forward to hosting the 2014 Conclave, slated for April 11-13 at Camp Seminole in Starkville. So, let’s start training now in anticipation of next year’s fierce competition.
Watonala Spirit Award Debut

By Tyler Cagle, Lodge Secretary

Watonala Lodge now has a new award called the Watonala Spirit Award. The award originated with the Lodge LEC who wanted to motivate members to reach for higher goals and demonstrate a great spirit as they go about their tasks. The requirements for the award are simple; exude cheerfulness and good service while attending lodge events. 
More than one recipient may receive the Watonala Spirit Award each year. Recipients will receive a special feather patch on the Sunday morning of each lodge event. The Watonala Spirit Award differs from the Kikey Award, which is traditionally given to the most spirited youth in the lodge. The recipient of the Kikey Award is not eligible for the Watonala Spirit Award within the same year. In addition to the feather patch, one recipient per year will be selected to have their name permanently displayed on a plaque in the dining hall at Camp Seminole.
All youth lodge members are eligible for the Watonala Spirit Award. Your service will be observed at all Fellowship and Ordeal events to determine our very first winner. Please be on your most cheerful behavior and strive to set an award-winning example for others to follow.
PreCamp Ordeal is right around the corner…

Come join us May 17th – 19th at Camp Seminole as we induct new members into our lodge and provide service to our camp!

Registration will begin at 7pm on Friday evening and we will depart camp at 10am.  If you wish to stay for the Lodge’s LEC meeting, you are welcome to attend.
We will have the Pre Ordeal, Ordeal, and Brotherhood Ceremonies this weekend.
Lots of service and fun will be on the agenda!

There will also be the council's Summer Camp Workday on Saturday where you can get a free physical!

Cost for the weekend is $20, add $10 if you need to pay your dues or going through the Brotherhood Ceremony.
All right guys conclave was fun, but our turn is here. In order for us to pull this off and have an amazing time we will need some amazing people to help us.. The committees we need help with are FOODSERVICE, FACILITIES/LOGISTICS, HOSPITALITY/REGISTRATION, MERCHANDISE/FINANCE, SHOWES, and WORK PROJECTS. PLEASE join one to help us make this the best conclave we can put on.  You can see more details on each committee at www.watonala.org. If you have any questions or want to sign up for a committee contact me LARRY JOE BROWNLEE at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or SCOTT WEST at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it your help is needed please help us.

Thank you,
Larry Joe Brownlee, Conclave Chairman
Add your article here!  Contact Tyler Cagle, Lodge Secretary, at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to add an article.  Is your troop doing something cool?  Are you headed to Philmont or the National Jamboree?  Let us know what's going on!

NOAC 2015 planning will begin soon.  If you would like to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate 100 years of the OA, you may begin sending payments of $50 per month to the council office.  We predict that the trip will cost about $700 per person to cover the event fee and transportation to Michigan State University.  More details to come soon.
I was recently given a box full of OA paperwork that was found at the council office.  I started to dig through it the other day.  There were several old newsletters, national bulletins, and letters.  All of this correspondence sent to one man.  My thoughts ran as I thought of where our lodge, our council, and Camp Seminole might be today had it not been for this man.  He’s no longer a part of our council.  He’s moved on to another council and I can say he’s definitely left a fine impression there as well.  I thought back through all the service he’s given and how this box of stuff really doesn’t reflect how great this man really is.  If the only story remaining of you were a bunch of papers left in a box, what would you hope to be in there?  What would your story be?
Watonala lodge is on the upswing!  Our successes are prevalent and we are growing.  Our Journey to Excellence scores placed us as one of the top 20 lodges in the nation! We brought home 11 awards from Conclave.  However, there is more that we can do, more places to better ourselves, more opportunities to do our best.  I am proud of our accomplishments, but I’m so excited about our future!
We can improve by having more people attending our events.  We can improve by having more people complete their membership by participating in the Brotherhood Ceremony.  We can improve by having young men who are willing to memorize ceremony parts. We can improve by YOU playing a part in our planning and events, no matter how large or small a part you are willing to play.
We have big things on the horizon.  We are hosting Conclave in 2014.  Join a committee and help us be successful.  In 2015 we will celebrate 100 years of the Order of the Arrow and attend the National OA Conference at Michigan State University.  I hope you can attend this event as it truly will be the opportunity of a lifetime. 
I hope to see you at PreCamp Ordeal!
Sincerely, Brice Stubbs, Lodge Adviser
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