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Thursday, 26 January 2012 16:25

If you would like to prepare for the Brotherhood level of membership,
CLICK HERE for the Challenges of Brotherhood, and CLICK HERE for the Brotherhood Packet which will aid you as you prepare.  The password for each of these files is the fifth word of the title on page 10 of your OA Handbook. (Use all lower case letters, no spaces, no quotes, no punctuation.)

The following people are current members or were at one time members of our lodge who are eligible for Brotherhood.

All we ask is that you have been active within your troop for at least 10 months since your Ordeal, write a letter to the Lodge Secretary detaining what the Obligation means to you and how you plan to serve the lodge, and you pay your dues.

Our next opportunity to obtain your Brotherhood is at Fall Ordeal on November 17-19th, 2017

First Name Last Name Unit
Alvin Beezley 1
Jimmy Garten 1
Melissa Conquest 1
Riley Law 1
Mark Box 2
Matthew Elliott 2
Noel Fisher 2
Eric Sudduth 5
Marc Sudduth 5
Nicolas Triplett 5
Preston Chase 5
Sam Hankins 5
Samuel Cole 5
Chas Allen 9
Jesse Allen 9
Matthew Watson 9
Patrick Oakden 9
Bradley Curtis 14
Camden Merrell 14
Clay Turner 14
David Burnett 14
Mason Smith 14
Toby Steed 14
Trey Jackson 14
Tyler Adair 14
Chase McCown 19
Dalton Pepper 19
Jamie Forrester 19
Joshua Carter 19
Julius Bell 19
Mark King 19
Zylar Collier 19
Alex Shaw 27
Carter Campbell 27
Connor Bohna 27
Lucas Sumner 27
Muthu Nagarajan 27
Parker Simpson 27
Robert LaFrance 27
Thomas Perez 27
Brian Perkins 30
Caleb Belk 30
Chris Bray 33
Jordan Dauber 33
Kaleb Stokes 33
Karsen Stokes 33
Mason Honnell 33
Connor Caviness 40
Cooper Caviness 40
Koby McGee 40
Levi Gosa 40
Ricky McGee 40
Chandler McCafferty 45
Garrison Walker 45
Gavin Smith 45
Jason Tiffin 45
Javan Collins 45
Lee Shuffield 45
Matthew Greene 45
Memory Shuffield 45
Reese Tiffin 45
Simon Banzhaf 45
Jeffery Joseph 55
Patrick Thomas 55
Reese O'Fallon 55
Bradley Edwards 109
David Pendleton 109
Joan Fuentes P127
Julie Via PAC
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